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Our Story

On the surface we are a fishing tackle company whose main goal is to design, develop, manufacture and carry the finest fishing tackle in the world. But deeper than that, we are a company built on ideals. Our mission is equal parts recreation and conservation, specifically as it applies to the angling community and the preservation of our fisheries. 

Finatic is a collective of like-minded anglers who’ve traveled the world in pursuit of anything with fins. No matter the angling method or targeted species, our passion for the sport is what ties us together.  Like many of you, we eat, breath and sleep fishing. It’s part of our DNA.

Our goals aren’t only product driven.  We will be rolling out a variety of unique programs including college scholarships, regional volunteer day initiatives and open product design contests that help promote the sport and enhance our community. Our pledge to you is that we will continually push the boundaries of what can be expected from your tackle - and the company that makes it. This is what it means to be Finatic. 

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