The Finatic Pro Series

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The Finatic Pro Series

The Finatic Pro Series Line Collection

We at Finatic are proud to offer premium braided fishing line, fluorocarbon leaders, fluorocarbon line and monofilament to the angling community.

.A unique 6 carrier braided fishing line that doesn't bleed and is highly abrasion resistant. 

.Our fluorocarbon materials are extremely translucent and intentionally crafted.

.Our fluorocarbon fishing line is best for spooling on in bulk; it is very low in memory and great for casting.

.Our fluorocarbon leader is best for leader sections of 7-10 foot; it cinches knots very well, is very abrasion resistant and great for thick cover, rock piles, big game, etc.

.We've also redefined what monofilament fishing line should be. We utilize a completely unique manufacturing process that takes premium nylon monofilament, and fills in the natural porousness with liquid monofilament- giving this monofilament line incredibly low memory, excellent castability and high abrasion resistance.


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