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Finatic Pro Series Monofilament Top Shot is made from the highest grade Nylon monofilament available. Finatic Pro Series Monofilament Top Shot is extremely low in memory, highly shock absorbent and performs with excellence in big game situations.

Traditionally, monofilament fishing lines have a more porous make-up due to the raw material properties and the extrusion process. This makes monofilament retain water at a rate that will weaken your line over time. To combat this, Finatic has implemented a unique surface treatment method that fills in the pores of the monofilament line with liquid monofilament. This process maintains and highlights all of the benefits of monofilament lines, such as high shock absorption, flexibility and water suspension- while simultaneously providing the angler with a line that has excellent casting ability and very low memory. 

All Finatic Monofilament is manufactured in the same facility from start to finish, ensuring that our quality and performance will not suffer due to mixed materials or lower quality standards of other manufacturers. 

  • 100% Premium Grade Nylon Monofilament
  • Unique Surface Treatment Increases Buoyancy, Durability and Life Span
  • High Shock Absorption
  • Superior Casting Ability
  • Low Memory
  • Excellent Knot Strength



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