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Finatic Pro Series Fluorocarbon Leaders are made from 100%, premium grade fluorocarbon. Finatic Pro Series Fluorocarbon Leaders are extremely abrasion resistant, have very high knot strength and increased sensitivity. 

There are great benefits in having a 100% fluorocarbon make-up. Because we do not mix resins, we maintain all of the qualities that fluorocarbon as a material, has to offer. Fluorocarbon is very low on the light refraction index, coming in very close to the light refraction properties of water itself. This makes our fluorocarbon nearly invisible to fish and greatly increases the angler's opportunities on the water. Fluorocarbon is also very UV resistant and high in density, so you won't lose quality over time due to the elements. The high density aspect of fluorocarbon is also very beneficial in deep water situations, due to it's ability to sink faster than monofilament or braided lines. 

All Finatic Fluorocarbon is manufactured in the same facility from start to finish, ensuring that our quality and performance will not suffer due to mixed materials or lower quality standards of other manufacturers. 

  • 100% Premium Grade Fluorocarbon
  • Low Light Refraction
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Over 30% Higher Knot Strength Than Other Fluorocarbon Leaders In It's Class
  • High Density Increases Your Lure's Rate Of Fall



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