The Purpose of Finatic Media

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The Purpose of Finatic Media

The Purpose of Finatic Media
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There is an intrinsic connection between the pursuits of anglers and the beauty of the environment holding their coveted and elusive catch. Over the course of our time spent out on various waters, searching for the fish we so dearly desire, we have noticed time and time again that this great pursuit will lead you to some of the most beautiful parts of the world. We have also noticed that fishing itself has the power to reveal the beauty that is sometimes overlooked and even taken for granted, in our own backyards.

 While Finatic’s main focus will always be to develop and provide the world with the most high performance fishing tackle and accessories as possible, we are also striving to provide a resource for seeing more than just the catch, but the journey that takes you there. The people you meet, the places you’ll see and the waterways’ surrounding habitats are what make this pursuit of catching fish even more rewarding and exciting than we can realize at times. Finatic’s aim with The Finatic Journal and creating Media, is to express the anglers’ collective journey through all available creative mediums, whether photo, video, writing, etc. We hope you enjoy what you see, hear and read- but we hope more so that it inspires you to get up, and go fish.

John Torok's Bass Photo

Jim Klug Rainbow Trout

Captain Vaughn running his boat Finatic Tackle

Bass being caught on FInatic Tackle Fluorocarbon


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