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    The Economy And Angling - Our Dollars At Work In Washington State

    Fishermen casting on the beach. Fidalgo Island. Anacortes, Washington. Text reads: the economy and angling. Our dollars at work in Washington state.
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    According to the Washington Department of Fishing and Wildlife (WDFW), between 2015-2017, they were able to put 120.2 million dollars towards expenses promoting the growth of outdoor recreational activities. Here's the kicker: 53% of this budget came from Fishing License sales. In short, you can't put enough emphasis on the fact that fishing plays a crucial role in our economy and the preservation of our waterways as a whole. (Read Full Article For More)

    Assessing Florida’s Sailfish Population

    Assessing Florida’s Sailfish Population
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    Article written and granted by The Billfish Foundation
    Management of sailfish in the Atlantic Ocean falls under the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT), which is responsible for tuna and associated species like billfish...(read more)

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