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Finatic Technology Series - New Content

Finatic Technology Series - New Content
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How long have you been using the same types of line? When was the last time you considered that maybe you weren't actually using the best material available, and that your performance is actually suffering because of it? Here at Finatic, we live and breathe fishing. It's in our blood. So naturally, we are always asking ourselves,"How can we get better?"

That question became our mantra and goal, and it is now embodied in two words: Performance Angling. 

With more and more anglers pressuring our favorite local waterways, we needed to create products that set us apart from the crowd and perform better in all circumstances. Thus, the Finatic Pro Series was born.

Check out the videos below to see our technology a little more up-close and personal.

Braid that doesn’t bleed? We got you covered there. And because of our braiding methods, it is also a class leader in castability and abrasion resistance. 

Leaders that are superior in abrasion resistance and knot strength? Yep. Our leaders are built for both sensitivity and strength.

Fluorocarbon line that is designed to be soft and supple, with great casting ability? Yeah, that too. Our low-memory Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is absolutely at the top of its class for sensitivity and clarity.

Monofilament with a totally unique surface treatment, increasing its buoyancy, durability and lifespan beyond all other competitors? We are changing the game for Monofilament. This once preferred material has now been cast aside by the majority for Fluorocarbon. While Fluorocarbon is great, it can't do it all. Our technology, combined with the 100% pure nylon monofilament as a starting point, is going to make this a dark horse product. We've used our Mono Top Shot in applications from Yellowtail to Largemouth Bass- and we couldn't be more impressed. Seriously. Check it out.


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