Does Finatic Fishing Line Really Cost More?

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Does Finatic Fishing Line Really Cost More?

Does Finatic Fishing Line Really Cost More?
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Do Finatic products really cost more? The honest answer is no. And being anglers ourselves, we are confident about this. In this article, we are going to break down why each of our lines are worth more and will absolutely cost you less overtime than what you are currently using. Let's get started:


Our Braid vs. Your Current Favorite.

Think of your favorite braid.

.Does it resist fading and prevent bleeding?

.Does your braid hold color that acts as an indicator when out of the water, but carries a unique weave pattern to blend it in and give a camouflage effect while underwater?

.Does it really cast as well as it should? If it is an 8 carrier braid, it probably casts well, but is it really as abrasion resistant as it should be for what you paid for it? Maybe for that reason you prefer a more rugged 4 carrier braid. Does it really cast as well as it could? Why should you have to sacrifice castability for abrasion resistance?

.Have the diameters of your braided fishing line been reduced with intentional weaving methods to help you utilize your reels capacity, as well as reducing friction during your cast?

Your braid might do 1 or 2 of these things. But we guarantee you that your current braid does not stand up to Finatic's Pro Series Braid, which meets all of the above advantages. Our braid is a 6 carrier, round profiled, color fasted workhorse that will cast like an 8 braid and take a beating like a 4.

We are fishermen. We understand the frustrations behind certain products. We know your pain. So, we set out to try and make the perfect braid. And while nothing is perfect, we think we got pretty darn close with this braid. You shouldn't have to sacrifice key features with every purchase you make.

When you buy your braid from Finatic, you're buying braid with an increased lifespan and superior performance compared to your current favorites. Stop buying braid that doesn't do it all. It isn't worth it, and you will end up spending WAY more money in the long run.

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How about our Fluorocarbon?

With our waterways becoming more and more pressured every year, it is crucial to pick a high quality line that is going to satisfy all of your needs when you are out on the water.

We manufacture all of our Pro Series Fluorocarbon Fishing Line and Leaders out of Japan, using only premium and 100% pure fluorocarbon. The quality of our fluorocarbon resins play directly into their performance and low light refraction (making the lines nearly invisible to the fish).

Our Pro Series Fluorocarbon Fishing Line was built to be very low in memory and  incredibly soft and supple ,while maintaining a very reliable amount of abrasion resistance. It is a powerhouse for knot strength, castability and sensitivity. 

Our Pro Series Fluorocarbon Leaders were built to take a beating and perform well for you in all conditions. We've made this line have over 30% higher knot strength than other leaders in its class as well. From drop shot to live bait applications, this leader will perform tremendously well for you. 

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Let's not forget about Monofilament.

We are changing the game for Monofilament. This once preferred material has now been cast aside by the majority for fluorocarbon. While Fluorocarbon is great, it can't do it all. Our technology, combined with the 100% pure nylon monofilament as a starting point, is giving this material a long overdue resurrection. We've used our Mono Top Shot in applications from Yellowtail to Largemouth Bass- and we couldn't be more impressed. It has a crazy low memory and casts so much better than any other monofilament fishing line we've ever used. No lies.

We also went ahead and gave this material a full upgrade by implementing completely proprietary technology to the surface of this line. Monofilament as a material creates a naturally porous line, which is not great when you're trying to use top water lures, because the line will reach its limit lifespan quickly. This means more money out of your pocket replacing this line. Our technology fills in these pores, increasing the durability, lifespan and buoyancy well beyond our competitors offerings. 

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Here is the main take away:

Finatic products are here to stay. They are "more expensive" initially, but will absolutely save you money in the long run- while getting you more bites and less breaks! There are only 2 ways to do things in this world: The right way, or again. 

Stop wasting your money with other lines and invest in fishing line that will last longer, perform better and save you a whole lot of headaches down the road.

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Just a note: If you're interested in our technology and seeing the product more up-close and personal, take a look our latest post in the Finatic Media Center. You'll get to see 4 videos breaking down the technology behind each line and understand why we truly believe we are currently offering some of the best fishing line available.

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