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Who Are We?

Who Are We?
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What is Finatic Tackle? What are we all about? 

1. We Are Anglers

Our company is a collective of like-minded anglers who travel the world in pursuit of anything with fins. While we all specialize in different angling methods and targeted species, our passion for fishing is what ties us together.  Like many of you, we eat, breath and sleep fishing. It’s part of our DNA and we’re obsessed about chasing anything with fins. Hence the name.

 2. Our Personal Experiences

Over the years we’ve had the privilege to fish with, and learn from, some of the finest anglers you’ve probably never heard of.  We’re constantly surprised by the resourcefulness, creativity, and passion of our community.  It’s incredible to see the lengths anglers will go to catch fish. It’s this type of dedication and commitment that inspired us to lay the foundation for Finatic. 

Through the course of our journeys, we learned what products worked and what didn’t. But more importantly – why? So, we started examining every piece of gear we owned, and, in the process, made some pivotal discoveries.  The insights gleaned from this analysis lead us to explore a variety of new manufacturing methods and techniques you’ll find in our products today.  

 3. What is the goal and direction of Finatic Tackle?

We started with lines because we felt this segment had significant room for improvement. Fishing line is your connection to the fish and it’s critical you use the very best you can.  We’ve spent years developing these products and have found ways to significantly enhance existing materials, along with pioneering some new products we can proudly call our own. We’re confident you’ll be blown away by the results.


Fishing line is your connection to the fish and it’s critical you use the very best you can.

Our goal has always been to build a brand that was performance-based and angler driven. We believe our products will enhance your angling experience by allowing you to focus less on your gear and more on the task at hand.  We’re constantly pushing the limits of what we do to ensure your success on the water.  We’re a company created by anglers, that will always be for anglers. 

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