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Our love of the sport has taken us all over the world.  From remote islands in the Pacific to our local lakes and ponds. So, when it came time to design products for Finatic, we knew exactly what we wanted. 

After four decades of trying damn near every product under the sun, we can say without question that the number one factor in developing premium products is the quality of materials.  Quality of materials dictates performance and that lays the foundation for strength, durability and consistency. Only with the best materials can you build the finest products.   

The second factor is how the materials are assembled.  The devil is in the details at this stage because every material has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s by building on the strengths of a material while lessening its weaker characteristics, that you will find in an increase in performance. 

The final factor is experience, and we can’t emphasize this enough.  It is our belief that fisherman should design fishing products.  There’s not an engineer in the world that knows more about fishing than an experienced angler. Unless of course if you’re a Finatical engineer. Products built on this foundation will inevitably inspire confidence in the angler and will ensure positive connections on the water.

Through a series of proprietary materials, coatings and methods of manufacture we’ve created some of the most high-performance fishing lines on the market today.  You can learn more about these processes in the bullet points below. We encourage you to try our products and put them head to head against what you’re currently using. We’re confident you’ll see and feel the difference immediately.


The Fanatic Difference One Sheet


What’s next?

We’re in the development stages of our first line of freshwater and saltwater rods.  All killer and no filler are the order of the day.  Our lineup will be laser focused on specific regions, species and fishing applications.  Our goal is to simplify the ridiculous number of different rods you’ll find from most manufacturers and focus on everything you need and nothing you don’t.  We’re also working on some pretty innovative new accessories and baits.


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