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Our Roots Go Deep....

John Torok

I guess the idea of Finatic has been kicking around in my head since I was a kid.  My grandfather owned a bait and tackle shop on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona.  I spent countless hours in that store sifting through red worms, meal worms, night crawlers, shiners, waterdogs, plastic worms and hard baits of all sorts. I helped stock shelves, cleaned a little bit here and there and listened to my grandfather and his buddies tell wild fish tales while smoking cheap cigars and drinking warm beer and whiskey.  It was awesome! Unbeknownst to me, that shop would lay the foundation of what would become an obsession of sorts for my entire life.

"...that shop would lay the foundation of what would become an obsession of sorts for my entire life."

Like many of you I eat, breath and sleep fishing.  Angling is part of my DNA and my one true love in life behind my family.  My angling pursuits have taken me over the globe and in the process, I found out what works and what doesn’t.  After four decades of trying damn near every product under the sun, I can say without question that performance is everything when purchasing fishing tackle. The right tools will ensure positive connections and inspire confidence in the angler. So, when it came time to design products for Finatic - I knew exactly what I wanted. Finatic started by developing what we know to be the most superior fishing lines made today, but that’s just the beginning. We guarantee our product offerings contain all killer and no filler.  Our goal is strip away the typical marketing hyperbole you find out there and give our customers the truth about the products we make.  Finatic represents the culmination of a lifetime spent angling.  We’re a collective of anglers whose sole purpose in life is chasing anything with fins.  We’re laser focused on designing and developing products that measurably exceed angler’s expectations.  Our pledge to you is that we’ll continue to push the boundaries of what can be expected not only from your tackle, but the company that stands behind it.

Danny Ashcraft

Danny was born in Oceanside, California.  He’s lived his whole life in Southern California, and with that has always had a love affair with the ocean.  “My earliest memories of fishing were getting on a sport fishing boat that pulled up to the Oceanside pier.  The local ocean fisheries back then were very robust, and we took advantage of it. I was simultaneously fishing at some of our local lakes. This soon grew into a passion for traveling to the Sierras to fish for trout. This was a time of treble hooks and Pautzke’s Balls of Fire.”

“This was a time of treble hooks and Pautzke’s Balls of Fire.”

In his late teens and early twenties, he became fascinated with freshwater fly-fishing, but never lost his love for the sea. “Later in life I started fly fishing in exotic saltwater destinations and I have to say that it is my passion.  But…. there is still that little boy in me that wants to jump on a boat, go off-shore, and bring home some fresh caught tuna or dorado”.

Danny’s vast experiences as an angler have helped provide Finatic with its eclectic taste and perspective for high performance tackle.


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